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Logan Lucky

Seen 4th September


Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch once suggested that there were 7 kinds of stories and that we’re merely finding ways to retell those 7 basic stories over and over again. Logan Lucky might be the clearest evidence I’ve seen of that idea in a very long time.

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The Dark Tower

Seen September 2nd


There is a term in Hollywood known as “Development Hell” where a film that is eagerly anticipated keeps having problems getting started. Sometimes this can hold a film up for years, decades. The Dark Tower has been in development hell since 2007… it may have needed a few extra years to work out all the kinks.

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Action · Comedy

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Seen 26th August

The Hitman's Bodyguard Poster.jpg

Sometimes, a film doesn’t need that much to be a good time. A good script, a decent set of shot choices and a fun story can often make a good film an easy way to kill 90 minutes. What makes it work best is if you can take all these elements and hand it to two insanely charismatic stars who can carry the film and kick it up several notches through sheer force of personality alone… this film found four such stars and thank god for that.

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Horror · Mystery · Thriller

Annabelle Creation

Seen 20th August

Annabelle Creation.jpg

From Talky Tina to Chucky, the concept of a living doll has been a bit of a staple of the horror genre for a long time. The idea of something that has no life of it’s own somehow finding a way to murder is terrifying. Annabelle has been hoping to be added to this group of iconic killer dolls for a while now and finally, with Annabelle: Creation it just might have pulled that off.

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Action · Adventure · Fantasy · Sci-Fi

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

Seen 13th August

Valerian and the City Of A Thousand Planets.jpg

For years now, Luc Besson has been known for his visual aesthetic. The man knows how to create a world and breathe life into it, his film The Fifth Element is proof that he knows how to paint a glorious picture with his camera… Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets is proof that he needs to work more on his stories and casting because he’s losing his touch.

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